Fair Trade

fairtrade logoHolywell achieved official Fairtrade Town status in December 2008 becoming only the second town in Flintshire to do so.  This status for the town was achieved thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Holywell Fairtrade Group established in February of that year.

Since its formation, the group has successfully persuaded various community groups, schools, churches and cafes etc to use at least two Fairtrade products.
Cafes in Holywell where customers have the option of enjoying Fairtrade products are:

  • Holywell Leisure Centre Cafe, North Road
  • The Mill on the Hill Cafe, Greenfield Road (adjacent to St Winefride’s Holy Well)

The group has also campaigned to get businesses in the town to sell Fairtrade goods which up to now can be purchased from the following outlets:

  • Tesco, Rue St Gregoire
  • Lidl, Coleshill Street

In addition, Ruth’s Choice in High Street sometimes has items Fairtrade clothing in stock

Although Holywell has achieved Fairtrade status, the Fairtrade Group is still very active holding various events on a regular basis and attending local events with a Fairtrade sales and information stall. The contact for the Holywell Fairtrade group is Pat Rogers. Tel: 01352 713638 E-mail: patrogers42@live.co.uk

By asking for Fairtrade products you are helping people to trade their way out of poverty. Some of whom, who produce many things we take for granted like coffee, cocoa and bananas etc often live in desperate poverty as the big corporations compete to keep prices down for us in the rich countries. These people don’t want charity: they want a fair deal for themselves and their families.
Holywell wants to help these people and you can help them too by supporting businesses in the town that sell Fairtrade products. Additionally, by choosing Fairtrade products, you are also helping Wales to maintain its status as the First Fairtrade Nation in the world.

You can also find out more about Fairtrade by visiting the Fairtrade Foundation website at:www.fairtrade.org.uk