Business Profile

The market town of Holywell not only serves the shopping needs of the people of the town itself but also those of the surrounding villages within the town’s catchment area.

Although the population of Holywell according to the last census in 2001 was just under 9,000, when the population of the surrounding villages, which in the same census totalled just less than 15,000, is included, it will be seen that Holywell serves or has the capacity to serve a total population of more than 24,000 people.

Further details about the population of Holywell and other statistics relating to the town and the county can be obtained by contacting Flintshire County Council’s Central Reference & Information Library on 01352-704411.

There are approximately 120 businesses in Holywell town centre of which about 50% are retail outlets with the remainder being commercial/service businesses. Collectively, these businesses employ in the region of 800 full and part-time staff.

Town centre businesses are a mix of national and regional companies and small family-owned businesses.  Among well known companies represented in the town are Tesco, Lidl, Iceland and Peacocks. There are also a wide variety of other businesses outside the town centre but within the town boundary.

Additionally there are some 30 large and medium size commercial and industrial businesses based at the Greenfield Business Park and a further 50 or so smaller businesses based at the nearby Greenfield Business Centre where there is also a training facility for new and fledgling businesses provided by the operators, Flintshire County Council.

More detailed information about Greenfield Business Park and Greenfield Business centre, the businesses based there and the availability of units and office accommodation at both locations can be obtained by contacting Flintshire County Council’s Economic Development Department on 01352-703226.

Flintshire County Council’s Economic Development Department can also offer general information and advice about economic development, business incentives and availability of retail and commercial premises etc in Holywell.